Right from the very beginning we have been aware that by starting a textile business we will have an impact on the environment; from the production of the yarn, the transportation of our products and the packaging which it arrives in. It has been important to us that we make all steps possible to ensure that we keep our environmental impact down as much as we can by always striving to do better. We are raising the next generation to inherit this world and it is our duty to ensure that they have a world to live in with all its beauty and wonder. In this section you will find out a little more on exactly how we are going to do this. 

Read on below to find out other ways we are minimising our impact on the planet. 

A Sustainable Office

Here are just a few things we do at Rowan Bay HQ to minimise our environmental impact

  • We use a green energy supplier for our electicity
  • We always print on recycled paper
  • All paper is recycled except sensitive information which is shredded and composted. We won't print unless it's really needed either.
  • Food waste is compsted in our wormery - if there is any!
  • All plastic we receive in packaging is either re-used, recycled or eco-bricked. We don't send any plastic from Rowan Bay to landfill. 
  • Any fabric scraps are turned into new things if we can, or the teeny scraps are composted - a bonus of only weaving with natural fibres.
  • We buy 2nd hand electrical items so no new energy and resources are used.
Rowan Bay woven baby wrap Wildwood Conker
Rowan Bay sheep Rowanbaaas

Producing our own yarn

We were searching for wool which met our standards for a long time and we have finally found a supplier. However this search inspired us to do something no other wrap company has done - and that's produce our own yarn. In March 2019, we embarked on a new adventure and bought four shetland ewes, which has now increased to a total of 15. We will never send any sheep to slaughter for meat, they are here to graze our meadow and live a long and happy life.

Thanks to winning the Simply Business business boost grant in 2020 we will be able to purchase wool from local flocks from small time farmers and conservation organisations to create our own fully taceable and sustainable wool in 2021. 

Any wool which isn't suitable for jacquard weaving will be used for crafting via Naked Wool, our sister business, and any waste will be composted - wool makes an amazing compost! Owner Larissa also uses some of the wool for handspinning and weaving over at Bracken Textiles

Creating habitat for pollinators

The land around HQ including the meadow the sheep graze is managed holistically and for wildlife. When we took on the meadow it was recently seeded with rye grass and there was not much else there and our aim is to turn this into a wonderful wildflower meadow for pollinators using traditional management techniques (sheep!).

£5 from every wrap sale will go towards carefully selected wildflower seeds for the meadow, each chosen to not only suit the habitat and grazing management but be rich in nectar for the bees, moths, beetles and butterflies. 

Rowan Bay Wildwood Hummingbird woven baby wrap

A wrap for life

We believe that the wraps we create are for life. The quality of the textiles are as such that if looked after properly, your wrap could be handed down to future generations. Alternatively, there are many small businesses around the globe which provide custom work for woven wrap fabric - either altering your wrap into a different size, fixing pulls or holes or converting into alternative slings such as buckled carriers or ring slings. You could also have your wrap turned into other items all together such as handbags, cushion covers or even items of clothing. The only limit is your imagination!

Because we also love supporting small businesses, we have put together a directory where you can find your local converter which is located in the ‘Sustainability’ tab on the menu. If you would like to add your business to this list, then please get in touch



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