We love what we do and we're so glad you do too. Here are some of the things people are saying about Rowan Bay wraps.

Rowan Bay Wildwood Lipa woven baby wrap

'My husband says this is the most beautiful wrap I’ve ever had!’ ~ Anela P.

Rowan Bay Wildwood Vartrad

I had an opportunity to try Rowan Bay Wildwood Vartrad…I could say that this one is one of the best wraps I ever tried. I would definitely recommend to try it.’ ~ Erna C. 

Rowan Bay Wildwood Tilia woven baby wrap

‘Do you see how the wrap matches the branches in the background? Such a wonderful pattern!’ ~ Fanny G. 

Rowan Bay Chrysler Marina woven baby wrap

‘I tested rowan bay crysler marina wrap and I was amazed. one of the best I tested this summer. love it’ ~ Kristina M. 

Rowan Bay Wildwood Tilia woven baby wrap

‘The aesthetics of the wrap is always very important for me - and Wildwood surpasses all the expectations.’ ~ Daunta J.

‘The wrapping qualities are out of this world! I totally recommend you get your hands on one of this amazing wraps, you won't regret it!’ ~ Mysha P. 

Rowan Bay Sorbus Ripley woven baby wrap

‘Rowan Bay wraps are beautifully supportive; from the thickness, slight stretch and ‘cush’ - it makes wrapping my toddler an absolute dream - perfect’  ~ Jill K. 

Rowan Bay Chrysler Heather woven baby wrap

‘I have had both a Chrysler Heather and a Wildwood Tuntre that I ordered directly from Rowan Bay. I have loved both the wraps very much! We had some issues with he first wrap I ordered and the company handled that in an excellent manner, so I am very happy with their customer service. I can really recommend Rowan Bay’ ~ Sandra B




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