Frequently Asked Questions

Here we hope to answer some questions that have popped up so far

Q.   Where are the wraps produced?


A.    All Rowan Bay wraps are produced in a renowned British family run mill - run by the great-great-great grandson of the original founders. At one point the mill operated over 650 looms, but today it focusses on smaller, nieche areas of the weaving industry - such as woven baby wraps!



Q.   What makes Rowan Bay's wraps so special?


A.    All our wraps are produced using high quality non-violent and environmentally sustainable yarns and are designed with practical babywearing in mind. A lot of care has gone into making sure the wraps are fit for purpose whilst being aesthetically beautiful; after all part of the joy of wrapping is for the parents too. We aim for our wraps to arrive soft with little breaking in required and in natural packaging,  avoiding all plastics  - ensuring we leave this world a better place for our children.


Q.   Will you produce wool wraps?


A.    Yes! We have our own flock of shetland sheep to produce our own truly happy, ethical and sustainable wool, although this is a long term project (you can even follow them on Instagram). In the inerim we will never use merino from mulesing sheep or work with companies which also promote the sale of animal furs and we'll never use the term 'ethical' without truly meaning it. We are also investigating different wools here in the UK. 



Q.   I live outside of the UK - can I still order?


A.    Yes, Rowan Bay will send wraps all around the world. However, please be aware that you may be charged import or customs fees as per your country's allowances. 



Q.   Do you offer discounts for sling libaries and consultants?


A.    We really believe that babywearing educators and libraries are incredibly important for carers to be able to find the wrap or sling that works for them. If you would like to add a Rowan Bay wrap to your educator collection then get in touch and we will see what we can offer. Please note - you will need to provide evidence of your insurance or your training to claim.



Q.   How can I buy a Rowan Bay wrap?


A.    Some wraps will be for sale through the webshop, and some will be available through a random draw on the facebook page - where you will need to enter a form if you would like to purchase from a release, and 'winners' will be selected at random and invoiced. We feel that by using a mix of these methods it gives more people a chance to buy. Releases will usually be announced on either Facebook or Instagram as well as the website in advance, but you might spot a suprise listing every now and then!



Q.   Will you offer custom orders and pre-orders?


A.    Yes, we have already completed two pre-orders for Wildwood which included some semi-custom choices and we plan to do so again in the future. If you would like your own group custom of any of our patterns, then get in touch for more information.



Q.   I have a shop, can I stock your wraps?


A.    Yes, please get in touch with us to find out more.



Q.   Do the wraps come finished?


A.    You will need to give your wraps a wash before wearing. How you wash depends on the fibre content, but handwashing in cool water and air drying flat will work for most blends. For wraps containing cotton and linen, you can machine wash as per the care instructions on the label. If in doubt, please get in touch.



Q.   Which size wrap should I order?


A.    All our wraps are cut using the lengths below. During the first wash there will be some shrinkage of up to 30cm (don't worry!) and this can stretch out again with wearing. The size of wrap you order will depend on which carries you would like to use. Naturalmamas website has alot of great information on choosing the right size for you. 

Our pre-wash sizes are as follows: Size 3 - 3.7m , size 4 - 4.2m, size 5 - 4.7m, size 6 - 5.2m, size 7 - 5.7m, size 8 - 6.2m, size 9 - 6.7m.



Q.   What do words such as 'cush', 'grippy', and 'glide' mean in regards to wrapping, and what's with all        the acronyms? Help!


A.    Reading a conversation between two experienced babywearers can be like reading a new language, but don't worry, it's not as confusing as it seems. Some words are commonly used to describe the wrapping qualities such as cush, grippy and glide; cush is the amount of comfort on your shoulders (cushiony) whereas grippy and glide describe how the wrap runs over itself. Which one is better? It is entirely down to personal preference. As for the acronyms, many relate to the different carries that you can do with wovens such as a 'front wrap cross carry' or FWCC. If you'd like to explore this further have a look at these great resources by Babywearing International and It's a Sling Thing.



Q.   Where can I learn to wrap?


For some fantastic tutorials on how to do different carries with woven wraps, head over to our ambassador Lucy's page 'Little Lifts' - where you'll be able to learn everything from a basic FWCC to how to back carry with a ring sling or create some fancy finishes with a longer wrap. Alternatively, searching out your local sling library or babywearing consultant can be a brilliant way to get hands on face-to-face support on using your wrap.





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