Inspired by the architecture of the Art Deco movement


The Chrysler pattern is a repeating geometric design of chunky chevrons. Our first release, this design was woven with 100% luxury Egyptian combed cotton, in a double weave to provide plenty of cush (think fluffy marshmallows) with a smooth texture to help passes glide with ease. A fantastic easy-care wrap for larger babies or toddlers, perfect for taking on whatever adventure you head out on next.


Soft from the loom Chrysler will take little breaking in but as most wraps, will benefit from a wash and from wear.


This wrap is on the heavier-weight side with a weight of approx 350gsm. 






Inspired by nature...


Meet Sorbus, Rowan Bay's signature design - a repeated pattern of three printed rowan (or Sorbus acuparia) leaves. This design started out life as a tree growing in a central London garden, frequently visited by a pair of mistle thrushes in the early autumn. By using a mixure of ink printing and digital design, the Sorbus pattern was born.


Initially woven in the same blend as Chrysler; a double weave of Egyptian combed cotton, we feel that the design really comes into its own in a single weave - enabling the weft to be part of the design, creating more definition and texture, all adding to the wrapping experience. Our newest release of Sorbus is the sci-fi series woven with organic combed cotton and undyed natural linen, and has also been tested with the same tussah blend as wildwood above. 




Our newest design and by far the most popular! Wildwood started life as a mature lime (Tilia) tree  and has been transformed into a beautiful branching pattern which can be worn with the 'branches' going up to the sky, or as 'roots' reaching the ground.


We wanted to create something which was from nature but represented the connections we all make with each other throughout our own journeys in the babywearing community. The branching pattern was perfect, it can be found in maths, in science and in art. It's almost everywhere around us from the magnificent rivers of the world, the branches of a great oak tree or the blood vessels which give us life. It also perfectly symbolises the wonderful community of caregivers who are raising the next generation of adventurers.


Wildwood is available with a tussah silk weft on a luxury organic combed cotton warp.


For a review of our Wildwood tussah by brand ambassador Danuta, head over to her blog here




Here you can discover a bit more about the designs at Rowan Bay and get a peek into the processes behind creating these baby wraps and slings.



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